Pet Pennies: Loving, nurturing companions... No longer will you have to worry about drool covered slippers, urine soaked carpets , or bad bad odors.

Having a pet that does not need vaccinations, food, OR water seems too good to be true you say? HA! The pet penny puts man's so called "best friend" to shame.

Not only is the pet penny perpetually pious, but it is also always in its "cuddly kitten stage" - see how small and amazingly cute it is? :

simply ADORABLE!!!I don't know about you, but I just want to cuddle up with the pet penny right this second!

One look into those eyes, and you'll want to take the pet penny home with you today!


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The Primary Purpose of Pet Pennies is Profit
The Secondary Purpose is (as if there is a secondary purpose) for Your Amusement